Accent marks, diacritics and other special characters, right where they should be...
at your fingertips!

keyxpat is the first software that solves in a new and efficient way this famous problem under Windows:

“how to type a specific language's diacritics on a US qwerty or foreign keyboard?”


The keyxpat software has been created by myself in order to solve my own (and other relatives) problem. Being a french man living in Canada, I lost access to my usual accents and diacritics found on the azerty keyboard and I had to deal with the US qwerty keyboard.

I have been a software and web developer for a long time. I worked in the industry until 2006, the year I started my own company. I sell two famous software components on the VisualHint web site. I also created 2 web services, for gardeners on one hand (PlantCatching), and for board game players on the other hand (Coludik).

All these activities are developed with passion and believe me, it's the same thing for keyxpat. You can count on me to create a great future for this tool and to support you when you need help.

Nicolas Cadilhac

Software developer