Accent marks, diacritics and other special characters, right where they should be...
at your fingertips!

keyxpat is the first software that solves in a new and efficient way this famous problem under Windows:

“how to type a specific language's diacritics on a US qwerty or foreign keyboard?”

Who is it for?

keyxpat is for anyone who has to work with an unusual keyboard (qwerty in general) or for people who need to write in a foreign language, and who don't know how to access accentuated and special characters; or who know the right key combinations but don't like this unefficient way of typing accents and diacritics.

It can also be for people, english-speakers included, who want to associate a bunch of special characters to standard keys. For example, I have setup the "$" key so that it can also deliver monetary symbols.

Translators will also love it. Version 1.0 already contains the sanskrit accentuated characters which are difficult to get with a particular font used for this language.

So if you like optimization or are just lazy like me, grab keyxpat. You won't need to move your hands anymore or remember bad shortcuts.