Accent marks, diacritics and other special characters, right where they should be...
at your fingertips!

keyxpat is the first software that solves in a new and efficient way this famous problem under Windows:

“how to type a specific language's diacritics on a US qwerty or foreign keyboard?”


Here is what you have to know about the trial:

  • There is no installation procedure. Instead, you just unzip all the files contained in the downloaded file and place them in the folder you wish on your hard drive. Then, run the executable.
  • The handled keys are "a, e, i, o, u, c" as well as corresponding upper letters for french. The "$" key also gives you common monetary symbols. Other configurations have been added for portuguese, norwegian, german, italian, spanish and sanskrit.
  • The timer used by the metronome has a default 350ms period. You can change it by clicking the "preferences" entry in the contextual menu of the application (right click the app icon located at the right of the taskbar).
  • The volume of the metronome can be modified to your liking.
  • This trial will cease running 15 days after the first execution.

You can still download version 1.5.1.

You can still download version 2.0.1.